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Renukeshwar Mahadev Temple

Renukeshwar Mahadev Mandir : 65 km far from district headquarter, this temple is situated in Renukut. The temple is built and beautifully maintained by the Aditya Birla group. Lord Shiva along with Mata Parvati is the diety here. On the very entrance there is a grand Sun temple. This awesome place is the most favorite point for innumerable devotees, visitors and tourists.

Shivdwar Temple

Shivdwar Temple: This ancient Shiva temple is located about 40 km north-west from district headquarter and 10 km from Ghorawal. It contains the astounding 3-feet-high blackstone idol of Shiv and Parvati in the procreational posture. A number of black and brown stone idols are also kept nearby. During Shivratri, devotees from different parts of the country flock here to worship Lord Shiva. During Shrawan, there is a tradition of Jalabhishek (offering of holy water) by Kawariyas which creates a festive atmosphere.

Jwalamukhi Shaktipeeth

Situated at Shaktinagar, this temple is 113 km away from district headquarter. The temple adjoins Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and Bihar. Its importance and religious value is considered at par with Vindhyadham and Maihardham. It is believed that the tongue of Mata Sati Bhavani had fallen over here which is why the peeth is named Jwalamukhi, the one amongst 51 Sidhpeethas. This is one of the highest seats of reverence, devotion and sadhana. There is a huge festival organized every Navaratra attracting enormous crowd.

Gauri Shankar Temple

This place is situated on Ghorawal Road, 8 km from district headquarter. Under the vast bow tree there is a beautiful statue of Lord Shiva dating back to 11th century. Also, there is a full size statue of Lord Vishnu along with many other ancient and rare idols. A mega fair is organized on every Basant Panchami and Shivratri over here.

Mangeshar Nath Shiv Temple

This beautiful temple is situated at the topmost point of the district at the height of almost 1700 ft above sea level on the Kaimur Hills. It presents one of the best views of the Son River and the valley. It’s the best sunset viewing point in Sonbhadra. The cliff here can even give a run-for money to Grand Canyon in USA. It’s a must visit site for all the tourists.

Baraila Temple

2 km north-west of district headquarter, there is a single headed Shivling made up of sandy soil dating back to 8th century. Huge number of devotees come and offer worship for the fulfillment of their desires. There is a big fair on every Nag Panchami, Basant Panchami, Shivratri and the pious month of Shravan.

Vishnu Temple (Ban Kanhara)

It is a small temple 3 km from Shivdwar Road and 13 km from Ghorawal in Bankanhara village under the ‘Pakar’ tree. Temple houses a 3 ft high blackstone idol of Mother Ashta Bhuja which appears to be contemporary to Shiv Parvati idol of Shivdwar Temple. Also, there is 15 ft high extremely beautiful white stone idol of Lord Vishnu.

Kaudakot Shiv Dham Sthal

15 km south-west from district headquarter this place contains numerous caves with beautiful painting and carvings alongwith the ancient temple of Kandeswar Mahadeo. There is a huge fair organized on every Basant Panchami and Shivratri.


Nal Raja Mau

Situated on the way connecting district headquarter to Vijayagah. It is located at a distance of 15 km from district headquarter in the vicinity of Mau village. There is a grand and stupendous statue of Sahasra Shiv accompanied with other idols and a large statue of Lord Buddha.

Amila Bhawani Dham

Situated at a distance of 77 km in the hills of Tariya range of Obara  division, people have great respect and reverence for this place. Beside local residents devotees from adjoining states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand come and visit this place in large numbers.

Kund Vasini Dham(Kudari Devi)

This Shaktipeeth is of great religious and historical importance and is situated on the western bank of river Son, 35 km west-south from district headquarter. The temple of great Pauranic value is built in Khajuraho style. There is complete no use of cement and gurdurs etc. Huge numbers of devotees visit round the year to offer their worship to goddess. 

Jirahi Mata Temple

The place is 25 km away from district headquarter under the Jugail range of Obara forest division. The temple traces its history to pre-British India. Buck sacrifice used to have been offered here by tribal rulers. Every Navratri, huge fair is organized here in which devotees from adjoining districts and states participate in huge numbers.

Gotthani Shiv Mandir (Gupta Kashi)

It is known as Gupta Kashi because of having a battery of grand ancient temples. The religious importance of the place is multiplied thousand times due to its location on the confluence of Renu, Sone and Vijul river. It is 6 km west Chopan. Numerous artistic blackstone idols belonging to 11th and 12th century can be found here. Shivratri is the prime festival and function over here. Besides, there is 15-day long fair in which local artists display their artwork thereby keeping alive and enriching their rich culture.

Hanuman Mandir, Anpara

This stupendous temple of Mahaveer Hanuman is grand in architecture and quite ancient, attracting huge number of devotees and tourists. This is 116 km from district headquarters.

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