Forts in Sonbhadra

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Agori Fort

The fort is situated 35 km south-west of district headquarter overlooking the joining of Renu, Vizul and Sone river. This fort was primarily under the custody of Kharvars but  was later taken over by Chandels. There is an idol of goddess on the front & back of every gate of the fort. This fort was protected by deep trenches and offered ideal habitat for the king, his family and army.

Vijaygarh Fort

 This ancient fort is situated at 20 km south-east from district headquarter Robertsganj on the hills facing river Son. This fort was constructed in 5th century by Koles. The fort has 10-12 halls and 4 ponds. There are inscriptions & cave paintings together with beautiful idols. This fort, at a height of 400 ft from Son riverbed, remained under the possession of Kashi Naresh Raja Chetsingh till the advent of Britishers. A fair are organized every first month of the Hindi calendar year. This fort finds its mention in the popular Hindi novel ‘Chandrakanta’ written by famous novelist Devki Nandan Khatri.

Sodhari Garh Fort

The place is situated at 33 km south-west of district headquarter and 8 km from Ghorawal. The fort is situated on the bank of river Belan and protected from all sides by deep trenches. At present, only the remnants of fort can be seen. There was a time when this area was under the command of Gaharwal kings. Beautiful idols were recovered during excavation.

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