Caves in Sonbhadra

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Lakhaniya Caves

Lakhaniya Dari Waterfall is a hidden beauty in Southern Uttar Pradesh. It is in Mirzapur district near Ahraura. If you want to enjoy a short adventurous trek then this place is worth visiting. It is a picnic spot for families and a small adventure for trekkers. Generally people do small gathering, cooking, fooding etc at Lakhania Dari.

Lakhaniya looks more beautiful and magnificent during monsoon. Fall stays true to the town in which it is situated and serves the people through its best nature. Waters of this fall are stored in the Ahraura Dam which is used for irrigation purpose to surrounding village farms and fields.

Veer Lorik Stone

Veer Lorik Stone, also known in Hindi as Veer Lorik Patthar  (English veer, brave,  patthar, stone), is situated around 5 km from Robertsganjon Markundi Hill, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a symbol of love and bravery of Lorik and Manjari.

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